Particle Orientation not changing in DEM-SQP simulation

Hello, I am working on case using DEM and SQP. However the particle orientation doesn’t changes as shows in this video below, looks as if particles are behaving just like spheres. I want to understand what am I doing wrong while defining the case. I want to study shear in non spherical particles.

I have also attached my case file. (46.9 MB)
Any help would be appricieted

You are using old modified versions of calc_collision_wall_mod.f and des_time_march.f that predate the SQP model. Please use the ones that come with the rotating drum dem tutorial instead.

I replaced both of the files with those from rotating drum tutorial. However orientations are still not changing. How should I proceed

Please upload all files (again) - thanks!

Note, when I run this case - after updating calc_collision_wall_mod.f and des_time_march.f and rebuilding - I get a DT < DT_MIN. Recovery not possible! error at t=0.0489. I cannot reproduce your results.

You also have 18 warnings about bad mesh quality and unsuccessful seeding.

Please try the attached. I set NORM_G=0 to avoid the DT_MIN error.
calc_collision_wall_mod.f (53.8 KB)
data_kf_0004.txt (42 Bytes)
data_kf_0004.txt (42 Bytes)
des_time_march.f (11.1 KB)
particlebetweenplates.mfx (13.6 KB)
Plates (2).stl (684 Bytes)
usr0.f (2.9 KB)
usr1_des.f (2.8 KB)
usr_init_namelist.f (1.7 KB)
usr_mod.f (11.6 KB)

Will these case files work with GSP as well?

Have you tried it? Change the model type in the “Model setup” pane and then define the particle in the “Solids” pane. You should be able to generate a GSP based on the same superquadric shape parameters. Please let us know if this succeeds, or if you come across some problems.