Particle size is larger than cell width

I am simulating a case where the particle size is larger than the outlet size. To resolve the outlet, I had to make the mesh size smaller than the outlet size. This causes the mesh size to be much smaller than the particle size, and an error is reported. I learned that diffusion equations might be able to simulate this situation, but I didn’t know how to do it in mfix. Can I do this in the gui? Or what do I need to do in user-define subroutine to do that?

You can do it to some extent when the particle size is near the Eulerian grid size or a bit larger.

  1. Turn on interpolation (particle to field and field to particle)
  2. Use the square DPVM interpolation and set an interpolation width
  3. Turn on “Enable mean field diffusion” and set a diffusion width
  4. Turn on “Enable explicit coupling of interphase quantities”

Thanks, I will try that. My cell width is 1 mm and particle size is 3mm, not a bit larger…

Three times larger is quite a bit larger!!