Problem in the postprocessing data

I get the “Could not find record for TIME_START” error when I want to use the postmfix. I appreciate if you can guide me to fix this issue.

Make sure the time range for which you want to extract data is within the simulation time range.

Hi Jeff,
Regarding the error in this post, I am pretty sure that the time range is within the simulation time range. However, I have changed the cluster in the middle of the simulation and the simulation has been interrupted a couple of times. I run the 1st 100 seconds of the simulation on the first machine and everything was fine but after running the simulation for another 50 seconds of the simulation time, I faced this error. Whatever, the time range is. Does it have any solution or do I need to rerun the case?

It is hard to tell. Maybe the files got corrupted when you changed computer (it could be a big/small endian issue).

Are you saying that you were able to postprocess the data with postmfix when you ran on the first machine? Can you open the data with Paraview? what is the value of res_dt and spx_dt?Can you please copy/paste the exact commands and inputs you pass to post_mfix?

One thing you could try is look at the IO tools we have in tools/IO_tools (download the source code tarball) and see if one of them helps. These are pretty old and not maintained so I can’t guarantee they still work. Look at the pdfs in tools/IO_tools/doc first to see how they work. The fix_RES_file tools was meant to help with some intel compilers in the past. The modify_time tool can let you overwrite a time entry. The time_subset can let you extract a specific time range and create new SPx files. If you use any of these tools make sure you backup your data first.