Problem while using SQP

Dear experts!
I’ve encountered some question while simulating disk-like particles using SQP. The solver crashed with a large amount of ‘overlap between two superquadric particles is too large!’. I’d like to know how the problem occurred and the corrective measure. The warning and the file is enclosed below, thanks for helping! (5.9 MB)

Thanks for this report. We’ve found at least one small bug in the SQP code while running this, which will be fixed in the upcoming 24.1 MFiX release.

– Charles

Thank you for your reply! In addition, I’m wondering that when I use SQP model , what should I select in order to set quaternion as my variables in vtk output? In some conditions, the output variables didn’t show the quaternion and the Q_rotation.

Can you be more specific about the conditions you are referring to?

The screen shot is enclosed below, the tutorial’s output contain the quaternion as an output, which my new project didn’t show. I’d like to know that where I can set the quaternion as my output vtk. I didn’t find any suggestion in the GUI or the mfix guide.
屏幕截图 2024-03-22 132809
屏幕截图 2024-03-22 132916

Does this help?

Thanks for your reply but it doesn’t help. The output vtk still shows only orientation but not quaternion

There is a weird dependency we need to cleanup. The GUI needs the diameter to automatically scale the particles in the vtk viewport. Once you add the diameter as a vtk variable and use SuperDEM, the quaternion will automatically be added to the vtk variable.