Reactants and products are mixtures

I need to add the chemical reaction, but the reactants and products are mixtures, such as the composition of oil: aromatic hydrocarbon, saturated hydrocarbon, how many specific substances are not clear, so it cannot express the molar mass, standard molar heat of formation, specific heat capacity, etc.,so I want to ask how to deal with this situation .

Hi Chen. Others may have more suggestions, but I think the best you can do in this case is to try to come up with numbers to represent the equivalent (or effective) molar mass, heat of formation, etc. Take a look at the Biomass gasification tutorial which defines a “biomass” species which is actually a mixture.

Note that in this tutorial there’s a solid phase called “Biomass”, which contains a species named “Biomass” - this is allowed, the phase names are just for user convenience, it’s the species names that are used when defining reations.

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much for your reply, but I’m really sorry that I didn’t find the “biomass gasification tutorial” you mentioned. Is that in user Guide? Could you please tell me where its location?

It is accessible from the GUI, latest version (21.4). Go to "New project and double click on the variable density (Biomass gasification) project.