Spray nozzle anlysis in pool type research reactor

Hi, i am new to software, i am working how spray nozzle will effect the temperature and pressure inside pool type reactor in 2D. I don’t know how i will specify mfix to disperse water flow at inlet(coming from nozzle). also i added all the IC and BC and necessary info and ran my simulation but i don’t see my simulation time increasing.
Your help will be appreciated. Thank You
3dgeo.zip (8.6 MB)

A few comments:

  1. You did not define any pressure outlet
  2. The k-epsilon IC and BC values don’t look right. If you don’t know what values you should use, then you probably don’t need to use a turbulence model.
  3. You have 3 inlets defined at the top, but they overlap, is this as intended?
  4. When troubleshooting, it is easier to start with a coarse mesh
  5. With incompressible fluid, you will usually get better convergence if you increase the number of gas pressure and momentum equations in the linear equation solver (Numerics>Linear Solver tab)

My suggestion is to coarsen to mesh, define a pressure outlet, turn off k-epsilon and increase the number of equations in the linear solver.

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