SQP-DEM particle unrealistic behavior

Hi developers! I simulated the deposition of several SQP particles under gravity (-z direction) with no fluid. The particle orientation were specified random in IC, but the generated particles were not. In the process of particle collision, some particles overlap greatly, all the particles were unstable for a long time and finally even stood upright, all of these behaviors were clearly abnormal.
t5.mfx (6.1 KB)

Please save the orientation in the vtk file:

Actually, for SQP, you just need to save the Diameter (needed to scale the particles), and the orientation (quaternions) is automatically saved. Saving the orientation by itself has no effect for SQP, it is used with DEM (spheres). We will clean this up in 24.2 release. Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks Jeff Dietiker! In this way, the problem is indeed solved.