Superquadric particles can not rotate in the drum

Hi MFIXers, recently I wanna realize the superquadric particles mixing in the rotating drum. According to the tutorial “rotating_drum_3d”, I added some coding parts for “calc_collision_wall_mod” in the case by comparing the initial “calc_collision_wall_mod” in the src code for version 22.4.3. After that, when I tried to realize the modeling, regrettably I found that the particles can only read the tangential speed for translation, however without any rotation. Could anyone help me deal with this problem?

Please upload your project files including any modified Fortran sources. Thanks.

sq_contact_wall.f (7.8 KB)

Use the attached file sq_contact_wall.f to replace the one in 22.4.2 or 22.4.3. The issue will be fixed in next release.

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Hi, thanks so much for your reply. here is the compressed package for my case. Look forward to your reply. (28.2 MB)

Hi, Xi, thanks for your help. I tried to recompile it using the file you provided, but regrettably, it remained unresolved.

Please try the attached. The rotating_drum_3d tutorial is set for DEM, not SQP. I modified the files so it runs with SQP. (1.0 MB)

Thanks so much, jeff, the problem has been solved