The problem of case non-convergence

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As shown in the figure, I’m trying to complete the simulation of the water flow in the microchannel, but the case is slow to converge.

I wonder if there is some problem with my case setup, or if the setup can be optimized to ensure case convergence. I have uploaded my case report and would appreciate some advice from you, thanks a lot! (4.2 MB)

First, you may want to upgrade to 24.1.
Second, you may be better off using rectangular regions and assign a no-slip wall to them rather than using stl files.

fluid.mfx (15.2 KB)

Please try the attached. I increased the normal wall distance tolerance and increased the max number of iteration for pressure and velocity in the linear equation solver (better convergence for incompressible fluid). I hope you can run with a larger DT_MAX, it is going to take a while with DT_MAX=1E-5 s!

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Thank you very much, Jeff.