Unable to modify geometry in vortex_shedding_fld_2d

Dear all,

I was trying to getting familiar with the new version of MFIX_GUI by running the vortex_shedding_fld_2d tutorial. I am using this tutorial because I need to run a 2D simulation using a wall geometry that in the past I used to provide via the polygon file. This tutorial looked very similar.
I have tried modifying the geometry, say by increasing the size of the cylinder but, when I generate the mesh, the modification of the geometry does not seem to have any effect. For example the number of blocked cells and fluid cells do not change if I change the cylinder size. Likewise if I add another shape.
The other weird thing (at least for me that I am relatively unexperienced with MFIX GUI) is that the GUI messages say that MFIX is saving the geometry into a geometry.stl file, which I cannot find in the working folder.
What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you very much

The vortex_shedding_fld_2d is a remnant of the old quadric geometry input. This is not supported in the GUI. The cylinder you see in the GUI is not used by the solver.

You can modify the radius of the cylinder by editing the keyword radius(1). This can be done by editing the file outside the GUI, or through the Advanced pane (please see below). You will need to be in standard meshing mode. Double-click the line showing `radius(1), edit the value and click “update key”.