VTK saving issue

Hi, in SQP simulation, not all VTK time-stamps are saved for gas-phase.

VIB_1100_P2S_10X.mfx (14.2 KB)
Write interval for both gas and dem phases is same, as set in mfx file, but gas-phase is written only up to 35 time-stamps, where as dem-phase write-out is progressed further. How to address this issue?


Your maximum fluid time step (dt_max) is set to 0.1s while the vtu write frequency is set to 0.01s. If the fluid time step gets larger than 0.01 s, then some of the vtu files (gas phase) won’t be written. The dem data is still written out because the solids time step is most likely much smaller than 0.01s. This is not necessarily an issue, but you can set dt_max and vtk_dt such that dt_max is much smaller than vtk_dt to guarantee data is written out every vtk_dt.

Thank you.
All gas-phase vtks are numbered sequentially. How to know what time-stamps are skipped? What is the time-stamp of a certain VTK file?

The time stamps of each vtk file is saved into the .pvd file.