What is the difference between T_s and des_t_s

What is the difference between T_s and des_t_s。
When calculating the source term, why do you need to calculate the energy equation of the particle and the gas to calculate the T_S and T_G, and then calculate the internal energy conservation equation of the particle to calculate the DES_T_S

T_s is used for TFM, des_T_s is used for DEM.

Thank you very much jeff for your answer. I also want to ask a question.Solve_energy_eq.f file solves for T_S, I don’t have the TFM model on, but MFIX still solves for T_S.

It won’t solve for T_s because SMAX is the number of TFM solids phases. In a DEM simulation, SMAX=0, so the loop on Line 324 is never executed.

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Thank you very much for the answer! :blush: