What's the unit of the flow rate in the outlet

Hi, everyone. Recently I’m simulating a PDH reaction in a packed bed reactor. I defined the inlet velocity so we can calculate the flow rate in the inlet. However, I also need the flow rate of different species in the outlet to calculate the conversion. I noticed that there are different species mass fraction can be wrote in the monitor type of flow rate in Monitors in MFiX GUI. So my question is:

  1. what’s the mass/molar fraction mean? Whether it refers to the flow rate of a specie or its flow rate as part of the total flow.
  2. What’s the unit of the mass/molar fraction?
    Thanks everyone for any answers!

You can see the definition of monitor quantities here:4.11. Monitors — MFiX 21.4 documentation

mass/molar fractions are unitless. If you compute the flow rate with a species mass fraction, you will get the fraction of the total mass flow rate that this species represent (kg/s).

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