When should I rebuilt the DEM-solver?

hello everyone, I have a question: Under what circumstances should I recompile the solver?
For example: If I chenge the geometry (or the diameter, or the inlet velocity of BC, or mesh) in a case, is it necessary to recompile the solver? (Or I can use the solver which has built in the first time?)

please give a specific explanation.

You need to rebuild the solver if you change the source code (typically for reactions rates or other udfs) or if you need a different solver (say you have a serial solver and now your wand a parallel dmp solver).

If you add/remove/rename species or reactions in a reacting case, you also need to rebuild so the species.inc gets updated. Chances are you probably also modified the reaction rates in that case.

If you only changed geometry, BCs or other inputs you do not need to rebuild.

OKļ¼Œthanks alot. i will have a test.