Why doesn't the vtk show up after running it?

I want to pass hot gas flow for 2D fluidized bed, why it does not show up after running it?

I hope someone can solve my problem, thanks

And another question is why does my model’s oxygen mass fraction show up like this?

Hi @wangjinjing . Always attach files when you are looking for help here!

You need to open up the side panel at the right of the VTK window:

Once this is open there are controls for what objects are displayed.

The colorbars don’t automatically match the variables displayed, you have to select which colorbars you want to see and where they are placed.

Thanks. Here’s my attachments.
2Ddem.mfx (12.0 KB)

I set the colorbars to cells/nodes and still can’t display the oxygen mass fraction, is there something wrong with my model?

Your cell data is written every 1 second while the particle data is written every 0.01 second. At time=0.21s, there is no cell data to display besides the initial values, this is why you see a uniform field. Change the write interval for the cell data to 0.01s. Otherwise you have to wait until the simulation reaches 1 second to see new values.

I suggest you update to the latest version of MFiX (23.2), it has better controls for the visualization than 21.4.

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