Zero Reaction Rates from Exported C3M Files

Hello, I am attempting to model pyrolysis on a single particle. I generated the reactions using C3M’s HPTR pyrolysis conditions and copied the generated files into MFiX. I also moved the USR_RATES to the USR_RATES_DES file, though the results were the same for each case - the reaction rates have remained zero for the duration of the run.

I’m wondering if I’m missing anything or what further parameters I could change to obtain a nonzero reaction rate. So far I have tried modifying the gas temperature, solid density, and solid particle diameter.

I have attached the exported C3M files and the bug report for the MFiX file. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (71.8 KB) (32.8 KB)

You cannot just copy the USR_RATES to the USR_RATES_DES file, these are not handling the same data (Eulerian vs Lagrangian).

Thank you for that clarification. I’m currently working through some of the legacy tutorials from 19.3.1 to get a better understanding of how to model this correctly.

From another forum response, I saw that the silane pyrolysis, spouted bed combustor, and variable density tutorials were recommended for gasification. Are there any tutorials that investigate solid reactions in DEM models that might be recommended?