RUN ERROR on DEM simulation


I an trying to simulate a rotating drum filled with powder (on a macintosh M1) and I am getting the following error. I can I solve it ?

Thank you very much for your help !

Error from cartesian_grid/vtk_out.f:2548

FATAL Error: There are no standard fluid cells in the computation.

Please verify geometry and mesh settings.

If using an STL file to define the geometry, this may be due to

normal vectors pointing in the wrong direction.

Hi Cendrine, welcome to MFiX. I’m glad to hear you were able to install MFiX on the M1.

Have you checked that the normal vectors are pointing in the correct direction, as the error message suggests?

We are not able to diagnose problems unless you attach your input files. The best way to do this is to go to the main MFiX menu and select “Submit bug report”, this will create a ZIP file which you can upload here and we will take a look.

– Charles

Hi Charles, Thank you very much for your fast reply. You’ll find attached the zip file. (1.3 MB)

The meshing worked fine for me on Linux. I had to change the first line of data_kf_0001.txt to

3, 1

because there are only 3 keyframes in the file, but besides this, it ran fine for me.

Tested with MFiX 23.3.2 on Mac M1 just to be sure. With the file as-is, I’m getting an error “End of file reached earlier in file : data_kf_0001.txt”

And with that 4 changed to a 3 as per Jeff’s suggestiona above, the case ran normally,… I am not able to reproduce the “no standard fluid cells in the computation” error.

– Charles

Hi @Cendrine_Gatumel - Is it possible you are seeing the same locale related error as Can not run Tutorials with STL file: Installation ?