Support Forum

When your subscription to Multiphase Flow Science (MFS) website is accepted, you are automatically added to the MFS forum, where important announcements about MFS tools and conferences are shared with MFS community. If you are already an MFS member, use you current credentials to participate in the forum.

The Forum is a discussion platform for the MFS software MFiX, Nodeworks, and Tracker. Developers and users can post topics (discussion threads) to various categories for each software.

Users are encouraged to participate in the discussion and share their work (input files, images or small animations showing simulation results) to benefit the entire MFS community.

The Tracker channel of the support forum is located at

Support forum etiquette:

  1. Do not post offensive or inappropriate material. Stay courteous and respectful at all times.

  2. Please allow sufficient time (say 2 to 3 business days) for Tracker developers and users to reply before posting unanswered questions again.

  3. Post questions in the appropriate forum category. Do not send requests or emails directly to Tracker developers or other users unless a prior arrangement has been made. This ensures questions and answers are archived, and it allows the entire MFS community to engage. Additionally, follow-up questions should occur in the same thread.

  4. Do not ask for a copy of a reference, e.g., a journal article. Do not post copyrighted material.

  5. Prior to posting questions regarding Tracker installation or issues, please search the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

  6. When posting a question to the forum, provide a complete description of the issue you encountered. It may be useful to provide the following information in your post:

    1. Tracker version you are trying to install or run

    2. Some details on your operating system environment (for Linux: copy and paste the output of the command “uname –a”, Linux distribution name and version also)


Common reasons you may not receive an answer to your request

  1. Your question has already been answered and is available in the archive.

  2. You did not provide sufficient description of your problem (saying “It doesn’t work” is not useful).

  3. Your question is outside the scope of the MFS forum.