Command Line Reference

When running from the command line, a variety of options exist. These options can be changed by passing various flags. A list paths or paths with wild cards can be passed after the flags to open specific *.trak files:

tracker [flags] [file [file ...]]

Flag reference:



-h, --help

Show the these flags and exit

-ng, --nogui

Process the file without opening the GUI

-w N, --workers N

specify the number of workers where N is an integer grater than 0

-mp, --multiprocess

Use multiprocessing (does not work on Windows)

-s STYLE, --style STYLE

specify app style where STYLE is a valid style (windowsvista, fusion, cleanlooks,…)

-g, --default_geo

Use default geometry, don’t restore previous state

-n, --noload

Do not automatically load previously opened project

-c, --clear

Clear all saved settings

-t, --test

Close the gui after opening

-d, --debug

Turn on debug

-sf S, --start_frame S

Frame to start processing from where S is positive integer

-tf F, --total_frames F

Total number of frames to process where F is a positive integer

-p, --profile

Profile the tracking code, save to file

-v, --version

show program’s version number and exit