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C3M 2015-1 Release Announcement

Dear MFIX user,

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of C3M (2015-1). Please download the latest version. Please see the release notes below that highlight the changes from the previous version.

Please send any software related questions to or administrative questions to

MFIX Development Team

Changes from previous version:

  1. User Defined capability
    • There is a fully functional user defined capability that allows users to define their own reactions and rates. It is currently functional for MFIX and Fluent. Barracuda is coming in the next release
    • Integrated chemical database that includes data from the Burcat database as well as the NIST database
    • An integrated symbolic math editor to ensure consistent application of rate equations between codes
  2. Verified gasification kinetics
    • The C3M team took the time to carefully check the output equations to the original data sources to ensure that the kinetics represent exactly what the source says they are
  3. Support for MFIX 2013 and the new MFIX 2015 format
  4. More useful visualization tools
    • Plotting heat of reaction and heat of formation from right click context menus
    • New experimental TGA and comparative analysis tools
  5. Much more user and computer friendly MFIX writer
    • The new MFIX writer allows users to more easily edit the code and more easily integrate C3M kinetics with existing user models. Further, it limits variable memory allocation and calculations to a minimum for faster computation.
  6. Multi-fuel Support
    • C3M allows users to export kinetics for multiple fuels into the same chemistry model, for instance, our favorite coal and a biomass
  7. Biomass and Petcoke support
    • C3M can now handle biomass and petcoke through the interface with PCCL
  8. More advanced gasification options
    • C3M can now link a pyrolysis run as an input to gasification, can allow users to manually control the devolatilization amount, and can set the calibration factor in the interface to PCCL Gasification