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MFIX-Exa Publications

This database is list of journal publications and reports that used the MFIX-Exa software. If you have used MFIX-Exa in your work and it does not appear on this list, please report it on the Forum.

Total: 5

Publication Year 2023


Roberto Porcu, Jordan Musser, Ann S. Almgren, John B. Bell, William D. Fullmer, Deepak Rangarajan, MFIX-Exa: CFD-DEM simulations of thermodynamics and chemical reactions in multiphase flows, Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 273, 2023, 118614, ISSN 0009-2509, (


Musser J, Almgren AS, Fullmer WD, et al. MFIX-Exa: A path toward exascale CFD-DEM simulations. The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications. 2022;36(1):40-58. doi:10.1177/10943420211009293. (

Publication Year 2022


William D. Fullmer, Roberto Porcu, Jordan Musser, Ann S. Almgren, Ishan Srivastava, The divergence of nearby trajectories in soft-sphere DEM, Particuology, Volume 63, 2022, Pages 1-8, ISSN 1674-2001, (

Publication Year 2021


Sitaraman, H. V., Deepthi; Grout, Ray; Hauser, Thomas; Hrenya, Christine M.; Musser, Jordan. "An error-controlled adaptive time-stepping method for particle advancement in coupled CFD-DEM simulations," Powder Technology Vol. 379, 2021, pp. 203-216. (


Biswas, A. A., J. P.; Dutta, S.; Musser, J. M.; Almgren, A. S.; Turton, T. L. "Feature Analysis, Tracking, and Data Reduction: An Application to Multiphase Reactor Simulation MFiX-Exa for In-Situ Use Case," Computing in Science & Engineering Vol. 23, No. 1, 2021, pp. 75-82.