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MFS Team

Arthur Konan, Ph.D.

Dr. Arthur N. Konan is a Research Engineer at West Virginia University Research Corporation. Dr. Konan earned his Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics from Institut National ...
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Aytekin Gel, Ph.D.

Dr. Gel is co-founder and managing partner at ALPEMI Consulting, LLC, which is a minority-owned small business specializing on diverse and advanced areas such as ...
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Bryan Hughes

Bryan received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University. Mr. Hughes designs and builds small scale systems using 3D printing techniques allowing for ...
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David Huckaby

David received his Candidate in Philosophy degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of California – Los Angeles and has been at NETL since 2000.  He is ...
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Deepak Rangarajan

Deepak Rangarajan, Ph.D.

Deepak Rangarajan is a data scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute. He obtained his Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, India in ...
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Hang Zhou

Hang Zhou, Ph.D.

Dr. Hang Zhou is a multiphase computational scientist at Leidos Inc. She received her Bachelor's degree from Shandong University, China in 2014, Master's degree from ...
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Hossain Aziz

Hossain Aziz, Ph.D.

Dr. Hossain Aziz is a Computational Development and Applications Engineer at Leidos. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Engineering ...
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Janine Galvin, Ph.D.

Dr. Galvin is currently working as a research scientist at NETL.  She obtained her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho, and her ...
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Jeff Dietiker, Ph.D.

Jeff Dietiker is a core developer of the open-source multiphase flow solver MFIX. He has recently implemented the Cartesian grid cut-cell technique into MFIX that ...
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Jordan Musser, Ph.D.

Dr. Musser is a Physical Research Scientist in the Office of Research and Development’s (ORD) Computational Science and Engineering Division (CSED). His education includes a ...
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Justin Weber

Justin Weber received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 2009 and has been working at NETL since then.  Justin is ...
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Mary Ann Clarke, Ph.D.

Mary Ann Clarke is a computational scientist with degrees in Materials Engineering, Pure and Applied Mathematics from Virginia Tech.  She brings both industrial and academic ...
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Mehrdad Shahnam

Mehrdad Shahnam, Ph.D.

Dr. Shahnam has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of New Haven, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University. ...
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Roberto Porcu, Ph.D.

Roberto Porcu is a data scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute. He received his B.S. (in 2010) and M.S. (in 2013) in Mathematical Engineering from the ...
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Ross Houston.

Ross Houston, Ph.D.

Ross Houston is working as a Research Engineer in the Computational Devices Engineering team at NETL. He received his Chemical Engineering from the University ...
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Subhodeep Banerjee, Ph.D.

Dr. Subhodeep Banerjee is working as an ORISE Research Fellow at NETL. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics from ...
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William D. Fullmer, Ph.D.

William is a research engineer at AECOM. His research interests range from fundamental research of multiphase flow instabilities using high-resolution CFD to the application of ...
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Yupeng Xu, Ph.D.

Dr. Xu is a research scientist at Leidos Inc. He has been working on VV&UQ of MFiX and currently is focusing on multiscale modeling of ...
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