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Roberto Porcu, Ph.D.

Roberto Porcu, Ph.D.

Roberto Porcu is a data scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute. He received his B.S. (in 2010) and M.S. (in 2013) in Mathematical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, and his Ph.D. (in 2017) in Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. His background spans high-performance computing, mathematical and numerical modeling of continuum solid mechanics, and computational fluid dynamics. He currently works in the MFIX-Exa development team, and his research is focused on expanding the mathematical model and its numerical implementation for MFIX-Exa’s multi-phase flow solver.

Selected peer-reviewed journal articles:

Musser, J., Almgren, A.S., Fullmer, W.D., Antepara, O., Bell, J.B., Blaschke, J., Gott, K., Myers, A., Porcu, R., Rangarajan, D., Rosso, M., Zhang, W., Syamlal, M., 2021. Mfix-exa: A path toward exascale CFD-DEM simulations. The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications

Porcu, R., Musser, J., Almgren, A., Bell, J., Fullmer, W., Rangarajan, D., 2023. MFIX-Exa: CFD-DEM simulations of thermodynamics and chemical reactions in multiphase flows. Chemical Engineering Science