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Arthur Konan, Ph.D.

Dr. Arthur N. Konan is a Research Engineer at West Virginia University Research Corporation. Dr. Konan earned his Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (France) in 2007. He was a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (France) from 2007-2010where he worked on subgridfluid turbulenceeffects on the particle phase statistical property prediction,the modeling of the phase change of poly-disperse uranium particles to gaseous compounds used as fuels for nuclear energy systems, and the melting of solid raw materials in a cupola. Dr. Konan applies his modeling expertise of the reacting multiphase granular flows to help improve the understanding of the Chemical-Looping Combustion Systems currently under active investigation at the NETL.

Recent publications:

Konan, N. A., Simonin, O. and Squires, K. D.  “Detached eddy simulations and particle Lagrangian tracking of horizontal rough wall turbulent channel flow”. Journal of Turbulence, Vol. 12, N°22, 1-21 (2011)

Konan, N. A., Kannengieser, O. and Simonin, O.  “Stochastic modeling of the multiple rebound effects for particle-rough wall collisions”. Int. J. Multiphase Flow 35, 933–945 (2009)