Without Graphical User Interface (No GUI)

This tutorial shows how to run a previously setup *.trak file without running the GUI. This allows for maximum performance because results do not need to be sent back to the GUI and displayed. This also allows for processing multiple *.trak files sequentially, minimizing downtime if you want to run unattended.

Assuming that you have already followed one of the other tutorials or tried tracking your own images, you need to have a .trak file to use in this tutorial. The *.trak contains all the options set through the GUI, including the path to the images to process and writing the output files.

Processing a single file

To process a single *.trak file, open an Anaconda prompt, making sure to activate the correct environment. We will pass the --nogui flag to tracker, telling tracker to not open the GUI, and the path to your *.trak file:

tracker --nogui path/to/my/track/file/video1.trak

You should then see the output similar to the following, indicating the number of workers, the path to the *.trak file, and the current progress:

Running in no gui mode...
Starting 8 workers... Done.

Processing: tracker\examples\1000_synthetic_hough_circles.trak
Tracking / |███████████████████----------------------------| 41.4%

There are more command line options that can be used to control the processing, such as the numbner of workers, start frame, end frame, etc.. To see the available options, pass --help. They are also listed here: Command Line Reference.

Processing multiple files

The no GUI mode can also be used to process multiple files in series, either by specifying individual paths to files, or by using wild cards. For example, you can specify two paths to specific files:

tracker --nogui videos/video1.trak videos/video2.trak

Or you can process all the *.trak files in a directory with:

tracker --nogui videos/*.trak

Finally, if you wanted to process specific patterns of files in different directories, you can specify multiple paths with wild cards:

tracker --nogui test1/*.trak test2/lower_*.trak test2/middle_*.trak