Happy 2021 Holidays!

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

Thank you for your interest in MFiX and your contributions/feedback to make MFiX a better simulation tool. We hope you continue your modeling with MFiX in 2022. Below is a summary of notable new capabilities released in 2021:

  • PIC Polydispersity input for initial and boundary conditions
  • Guo-Boyce friction model
  • Residence time tracking (DEM/PIC)
  • SMP runs on Windows
  • Movie making tools built in the GUI
  • Automatic reaction rate output in vtk files
  • Filtering of particle_input.dat and particle_output.dat
  • Force chain data output
  • Six new drag laws, three Nusselt number correlations
  • Procedural STL geometry
  • 2x fluid solver speedup

Please visit the MFS website for more details about our software suite.

The NETL MFiX development team

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