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MFiX 22.3 Release Announcement

MFiX 22.3 Release Announcement

Dear MFiX user,

We are pleased to announce the MFiX 22.3 release. Please download the latest version. See the release note below that highlights the changes from the previous version.

Please visit the MFS forum for any software related questions, or send administrative questions to

The MFiX Development Team

New features:

  • The GUI visualization pane was redesigned to allow better handling of multiple objects visualization.
  • Force chain data can now be visualized in the GUI.
  • New vtk file options:
    • Ability to specify starting and ending time of vtk file export.
    • Ability to save the particle collision force in the vtp files (DEM).


  • Better handling of floating point exceptions and solver crashes. The backtrace is displayed in the message popup window and users can navigate to the offending source code line by clicking on the error message.
  • Rewrite of build system. All source files can now be edited to generate the custom solver.

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed species mass fractions retained values overriding current values.
  • Fixed NaN when running in SMP mode on Windows.