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MFiX 23.1 Release Announcement

Dear MFiX user,

We are pleased to announce the MFiX 23.1 release. Please download the latest version. See the release note below that highlights the changes from the previous version.

Please visit the MFS forum for any software related questions, or send administrative questions to

The MFiX Development Team

New features:

  • New procedural geometry options: two new shapes were added to define geometric elements.
    • The circle to rectangle shape allows to define a tube that smoothly transitions from a circular cross section to a rectangular cross section.
    • The body or revolution revolves a profile (xy plane) around the z-axis. The profile is a collection of line and/or arc segments.
  • Improved debug support on Windows: In case of fatal solver crashes (division by zero, invalid memory access, etc), the file and line number are displayed (previously only available on Linux). This may help Windows users find issues in their UDFs.


  • The rotating drum tutorial was updated so it can easily be converted to SQP simulation.
  • Console output (stdout/stderr) saved by default (this will assist in diagnosing failed jobs)

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed postmfix build script.
  • Fixed bug in sq_contact_wall.f
  • Fixed error when adding primitive or implicit geometry after having deleted a geometry.
  • Fixed duplicated/dropped status messages when running remote jobs.
  • Several minor GUI bugs fixed.