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MFiX 23.2 Release Announcement

Dear MFiX user,

We are pleased to announce the MFiX 23.2 release. Please download the latest version. See the release note below that highlights the changes from the previous version.

Please visit the MFS forum for any software related questions, or send administrative questions to

The MFiX Development Team

New features:

  • Support for Chemkin thermodynamic data: In addition to the Burcat thermodynamic data, users can now provide thermodynamic data using the Chemkin format.
  • Chemical species import: Gas and solids phase species can be imported from a text file. Both Burcat and Chenkin format are supported. This option may be useful when setting up a simulation with a large number of species.
  • Chemical reactions import: Chemical reaction equations can be imported from a text file. This option may be useful when setting up a simulation with a large number of chemical reactions.
  • New option to save gas density and cell center coordinates in the VTK files.
  • New option to randomize SQP particle orientation in Initial Condition and Mass Inlet Boundary Condition regions.


  • Specify common temperature that separates low and high temperature range of Cp vs temperature polynomial coefficients for Burcat data.
  • Plot multiple Cp vs temperature plots simultaneously.
  • Select/deselect multiple species/reaction rates when setting up vtk files or monitors.
  • Save the time step summary information in a text file.
  • use library gamma function when available (to speedup SQP simulations).

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed color assignment of particles with different densities.
  • All relevant files are now included in the bug report zip file.
  • Fixed inputs not accepting exponential notation.
  • Fixed call to TGS drag law.
  • Improved particle overlap checks in SQP solver.
  • Fixed premature termination condition which resulted in some output files being incomplete.