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MFIX2016-1 Release Announcement


Dear MFIX user,

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of MFIX (MFIX2016-1). Please download the latest version. Please see the release notes below that highlight the changes from the previous version.

Please send any software related questions to or administrative questions to

MFIX Development Team

Changes from MFIX 2015-2 (Date: 10/27/2015) to MFIX 2016-1 (Date: 04/13/2016)

New features added:

  • DMP support for DEM thermochemistry - MFIX-DEM simulations with heat transfer and/or chemical reactions now support parallel execution. This allows for larger particle counts in reacting flow simulations with reduced time-to-solution for greater modeling capability of MFIX-DEM.
  • DEM particle-wall heat transfer - MFIX-DEM particles may exchange heat with the domain boundaries via specified constant wall temperature boundary conditions. The rotating drum with particle-wall heat transfer tutorial illustrates this new feature (tutorials/DEM_Wall_HT).

Changes in existing features:

  • Greater UDF capabilities - Users may construct user-defined functions (UDFs) to specify source terms to the governing equations and many transport coefficients and field properties. This allows for faster model development by removing the need to modify master source routines. See usr_source.f and usr_prop.f routines and the UDF keyword section for more information.


  • Updated documentation:
    • MFIX User Guide [1]

Project Metrics: 

  • Change from 2015-2 Release:
    • 1 new file and about over 13,700 additional lines of code
  • 2016-1 Total count:
    • Files: 541
    • Lines: 245,389
    • Blank Lines: 34,948
    • Code Lines: 135,401
    • Comment Lines: 78,216
    • Statements: 95,400