Multiphase Flow Science Discussion Forum Now Available

We are pleased to announce the new Multiphase Flow Science (MFS) discussion forum is now available. Please visit to give it a try.

The Forum is a discussion platform for MFiX, Nodeworks and Tracker. Developers and users can post topics (discussion threads) to various categories for each application. Typical topics of discussion include questions about software installation, discussion on how to perform a specific task with a software, bug reports, and sharing useful information, setup files or tips with other users.

Users are encouraged to participate in the discussion and share their work (input files, udf’s, images or small animations showing simulation results) to benefit the entire MFS community.
Viewing discussion threads does not require MFS membership. Posting or replying to a post requires logging in (same credential as MFS membership).

We hope the new forum platform will foster discussion among users and provide better support to the MFS community.


The MFS Development Team