NETL 2018 Workshop on Multiphase Flow Science Proceedings

The NETL 2018 Workshop on Multiphase Flow Science was held on the University of Houston Campus on August 7 – 9. The Workshop brought together leaders from industry, academia, and government laboratories to discuss current projects and future R&D in the area of Multiphase Flow Science. It continues to promote innovation and research into multiphase flow numerical modeling and experimentation.

There were 12 posters, 34 presentations and over 76 attendees. This year’s Workshop covered topics such as measuring multiscale dynamics in turbulent bubbly flows and development of a next generation Euler-Lagrange framework for multiphase simulation. Special sessions dealt with the challenges of modeling industrial scale reactors including a panel discussion on “How Can Multiphase Flow Modeling Have the Same Impact on the Process Industry as Single-Phase Flow Modeling” .

The sharing of research and experience is valuable to the work of moving Multiphase Flow Science forward. We are pleased to host this event and look forward to future workshops.

To read more about the presentations featured at this year’s workshop, click here.