NETL MFS Team Presents at the American Chemical Society’s Spring 2018 National Meeting and Exposition

The American Chemical Society held their 255th National Meeting in New Orleans, LA, March 18-22, 2018. The meeting theme this year was Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water.

The NETL MFS team made an invited presentation at the “R&D in the Chemical Catalysis for Bioenergy Consortium” Symposium – part of the Division of Catalysis Science and Technology Symposia series. The NETL MFS presentation was entitled “Study of residence time distribution in a circulating fluidized bed reactor for biomass pyrolysis vapor upgrading” and reported on recent collaborative work with National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) experimentalists to study performance of catalytic Vapor Phase Upgrading (VPU) fluid bed systems for upgrading biomass pyrolysis vapor. Results of these simulations are being used to help guide NREL researchers in their design and study of novel VPU systems. This work is being performed as part of the Bioenergy Technology Office’s Consortium for Computational Physics and Chemistry (CCPC). The CCPC is a joint core research and development activity among five national laboratories that has been created to utilize unique DOE computational modeling facilities and experience in order to accelerate the discovery and deployment of novel materials in support of the Energy Materials Network and the Materials Genome Initiative. The CCPC also computationally bridges the chemical reactions occurring at the nanoscale to reactor- and plant-scale processes to enable critical experimental verifications in the BETO program and predict the effects of process scale-up on the techno-economic analysis of commercial scale operations.