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Nodeworks 17.1 Release Announcement

The NETL Multiphase Flow Science Team is pleased to announce the first public release of Nodeworks, a flexible graphical programming software library for graphical programming of process workflows. Nodeworks allows GUI developers to interface with other standalone GUI’s and to create customized algorithms--called nodes--to form specialized workflows. We encourage those interested in graphical programming to visit the developers section of the Nodeworks documentation to learn more about Nodeworks and its capabilities.

Along with the stand-alone Nodeworks application, we are also releasing a seamless interface between the MFiX Software Suite and Nodeworks using the new MFiX GUI as the common platform. We are using this interface between MFiX and Nodeworks to deliver the new Optimization Toolset to our MFiX users. This powerful new toolset links MFiX-derived data and custom Nodeworks nodes to provide simulation-based optimization capability. The Optimization Toolset can be used to:

  • Launch multiple MFiX simulations and continuously monitor their progress
  • Perform automated parameter sweeps of MFiX simulations
  • Use space-filling Design of Experiments methods to explore high-dimensional parameter spaces
  • Create a surrogate model of your MFiX results with a response surface
  • Perform optimization on the response surface model
  • Sample the surrogate model with uniform and/or normal parameter distributions for uncertainty quantification

These new, exciting design and engineering capabilities will help you to get the most out of the MFiX Software Suite.

Please send any Nodeworks related questions to the mailing list at