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Tracker 19.1 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of Tracker 19.1.0! This new release includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Please download the latest version. Please visit the MFS forum for any software related questions, or send administrative questions to See the release notes below that highlight the changes from the previous version:

New features

  • Added template matching tracking algorithm to track objects based on comparing templates.
  • Added calibration tool for converting from pixels/frame to m/s by using and image with a length reference.
  • Added initial search bias to the poly projection algorithm
  • Added circle and line tools for measuring distances and areas


  • Switched from matplotlib to a Qt widget for drawing the image histogram, drastically improving app performance
  • Added color map caching for faster drawing
  • Created thumbnails for projects, saved in *.trak files
  • Updated documentation

Notable bug fixes

  • Fixed App crashing when cropping images.