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2015 NETL-IWTU Fluidization Workshop

On March 19, 2015, DOE's Office of Fossil Energy (FE), Environmental Management (EM), National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), and Idaho National Laboratory Integrated Waste Treatment Unit (IWTU) held the NETL-IWTU Fluidization Workshop.  This workshop discussed various fluidization topics how fluidization forms the basis for many FE and EM applications.  Topics discussed included fluidization fundamentals and their applications to power plants, coal kinetics, agglomeration, filter systems, novel instrumentation, and applications of multiphase models to fluidized bed systems.

NETL-IWTU Fluidization Workshop

Agenda for the Fluidization Workshop
NETL Morgantown Campus, B-39 Visitors Center
Thursday March 19, 2015

(All Times Listed Below are Eastern Standard Time)


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8:30;;;    ;;;NETL Visitor’s Arrival Check In and Badging B39;nn;
8:45;;;    ;;;Safety and Security Briefing – NETL;nn;
9:00;;;    ;;;Welcome – John Shultz, Office of Environmental Management and Chris Guenther, NETL;nn;
9:10;;;    ;;;Fundamentals of Fluidization Part 1, Geo Richards, NETL;nn;
9:40;;;    ;;;Simulation Based Engineering, Chris Guenther, NETL;nn;
10:00;;;    ;;;Fluidized Beds: Model Applications, Bill Rogers, NETL;nn;
10:30;;;    ;;;Fundamentals of Fluidization Part 2, Larry Shadle, NETL;nn;
11:10;;;    ;;;NETL Raman Gas Composition Monitor Overview, Mike Buric, NETL;nn;
11:30;;;    ;;;Chemical Looping Operating Experiences, Doug Straub, NETL;nn;
12:00;;;    ;;;Lunch;nn;
1:00;;;    ;;;Kinetics, Sarma Pisupati, Penn State University;nn;
1:30;;;    ;;;Agglomeration, Sarma Pisupati, Penn State University;nn;
2:00;;;    ;;;Candle Systems, Dr Guan, Southern Company;nn;
2:30;;;    ;;;Seward Power Plant, Tom Roberts;nn;
3:00;;;    ;;;Evolution of Fluidized Bed Technology and Definition of Terms, Peter Rozelle, DOE Office of Fossil Energy;nn;
3:30;;;    ;;;Using Knowledge of Fundamentals to Solve Plant Problems-Examples, Peter Rozelle, DOE Office of Fossil Energy;nn;
4:00;;;    ;;;Open Discussion;nn;

Bios of participants