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MFIX2013-1 Release Announcement

Dear MFIX user,

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of MFIX (MFIX2013-1). Please visit to download the latest version. Please see the release notes below that highlight the changes from the previous version.

Please send any software related questions to or administrative questions

MFIX Development Team

Changes from MFIX2012-1 (Date: 01/19/2012) to MFIX2013-1 (Date: 03/06/2013)

New features added:

  • Hybrid model
    • Ability to describe different solids phases in either Eulerian or Lagrangian frames
  • MPPIC (Multi-Phase Particle in Cell)
    • Eulerian model for carrier phase coupled with particle-in-cell (PIC) based discrete representation for dispersed phase
    • Tentative release to handle cut-cells
  • DEM
    • Tentative release to handle cut-cells

Changes in existing features:

  • Bug fixes and enhancements:
    • Makefile
      • Improved user input
      • Object files are stored in dedicated directories to speed-up recompilation
  • Reaction rate input
    • New user-friendly input method to define chemical reactions in input file
    • Simplification of user-defined reaction rate specification
    • Heats of reaction are automatically calculated
  • Parallel execution
    • SMP mode of execution was turned off due to current assesment of OpenMP directives
  • Cartesian Grid cut cell technique
    • Improvement in handling geometry intersections
    • Geometry input from multiple STL files


  • Updated documents
    • Readme file [1]
    • Cartesian grid documentation [2]
  • New documents
    • MPPIC documentation [3]
    • MPI verification [4]
    • Compiler study [5]

Under Development:

    • Stiff solver: Automatic parsing to elimnate user-input for Direct Integration method
    • Variable solids density
      • Ability to have solids density vary as a function of species composition (Eulerian/Eulerian solver)
    • Parallel execution
      • Updated OpenMP directives


Project Metrics:

  • Change from 2012-1 Release:
    • 20 new files
    • Nearly 11,000 new lines of code (around 7,000 excluding comments and blank lines)
  • 2013-1 Total count:
    • Files: 539
    • Lines: 192,460
    • Blank Lines: 25,376
    • Code Lines: 114,993
    • Comment Lines: 55,510
    • Statements: 85,098