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2015 Multiphase Flow Science Workshop

2015 NETL Workshop on Multiphase Flow Science

Wednesday,  August  12, 2015 – Governors Ballroom,  Lakeview Resort

Registration (Grand Ballroom Foyer)

Break and Posters (Ballroom Foyer)

Lunch (Governor Ballroom) and Posters (Ballroom Foyer)

Break and Posters (Ballroom Foyer)

Thursday, August 13, 2015 – Governors Ballroom,  Lakeview Resort

Reconvene and Introduction (Governors Ballroom)

Break and Posters (Ballroom Foyer)

Lunch (Governor Ballroom) and Posters (Ballroom Foyer)


Meeting Wrap-up and Adjourn


Posters (Reflections Library)

  • A Numerical Investigation Using Pressure Measurements to Develop Methods That Can Detect the Slugging Transition in Fluidized Beds
    Emilio Ramirez, Qingang Xiong, Sreekanth Pannala, C. Stuart Daw, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Application of MFIX-DEM to Study Solids Flow Characteristics of a Calcium-Based Thermochemical Heat Storage Material
    A. Gipperich, M. Kappes, W. Krumm, University of Siegen
  • A Study of the Influence of Numerical Diffusion on Gas-Solid Flow Dynamics in Fluidized Beds
    Ronak Ghandriz, M. Reza H. Sheikhi, Northeastern University
  • Application of Representative Particle Model to Sediment Transport Simulations
    Husam Elghannay, Danesh Tafti, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • MFiX GUI Demonstration
    Justin Weber, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Final Participants List