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2012 Mutliphase Flow Science Workshop

NETL 2012 Conference on Multiphase Flow Science

May 22-24, 2012


Tuesday May 22, 2012

  • Welcome and Introduction
    Chris Guenther

Session Chair: Merdad Shahnam

  • Overview of Multiphase Flow Science at NETL
    Madhava Syamlal (DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Key Note Lecture: Heat Transfer Enhancement in Dense Suspensions of Agitated Solids
    Michael Louge (Cornell University)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Modified Kinetic Theory for Dense Granular Flows
    Sebastian Chialvo, J. Sun and S. Sundaresan (Princeton University)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • A Proposed (k-E)2 Turbulence Theory for Multiphase Gas-Solid Flows
    Thomas O'Brien (DOE-NETL/Retired)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Coarse-Grained Energy Balance Equation for Gas-Particle Flows
    K. Agrawal, W. Holloway and S. Sundaresan (Princeton University)
    Presentation [PDF]

Session Chair: Rahul Garg

  • OpenMP Parallelism for Fluid-particulate System
    A. Amritkar and D. Tafti (Virginia Tech)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • GPGPU Acceleration of MFIX-DEM
    J. Urbanic (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • A Massively Parallel Euler-Lagrange Strategy for Simulating Fluidized Bed ReactorsJ. Capecelatro and O. Desjardins (Cornell University)
    Presentation [PDF]

Session Chair: Jeff Dietiker

  • A Computationally Efficient Approach to Uncertainty Quantification in Multiphase Systems
    A. Donato, R. Pitchumani, M. Shahnam (Virginia Tech/DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Validaiton and Uncertainty Quantificaiton of a Multiphase Flow CFD Model
    A. Gel, M. Shahnam, C. Guenther (Alpemi Consulting LLC, URS, DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Code Verification of MFIX Baseline Governing Equations
    A. Choudhary and C.J. Roy (Virginia Tech)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Three Dimensional Numerical Study on Droplet Formation and Cell Encapsulation Process in a T-Junction
    H. Yang, Q. Zhou, and L.S. Fan (Ohio State University)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • An Euler-Euler CFD Model for Biomass Gasification in Fluidized Bed
    Q. Xue and R. Fox (Iowa State University)
    Presentation [PDF]

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Session Chair: Mehrdad Shahnan

  • Overview of Application of Multiphase Flow in NETL's Energy Portfolio
    Douglas Straub (DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Key Note Lecure: Industrial Applications of Filtered Two-Fluid Models for Gas-Solid Flows
    Timothy Healy (ExxonMobil Research and Engineering)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • A Reaction Kinetics Model for Carbonation of a Regenerable MgO-Based Sorbent
    E. Abbasi, J. Abbasian and H. Arastoopour (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture with Solid Carbonate Sorbents in a Fluidized Bed Riser and Regeneration in a Reduced Pressure Downer
    S. Kongkitisupchai and D. Gidaspow (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of CO2 Diffusion in Reconstructed
    Solid Sorbent Particles
    N. Krishnamurthy and D. Tafi (Virginia Tech)
    Presentation [PDF]

Session Chair: Sreekanth Pannala

  • Multiphase CFD Modeling in CCSI - Flow Dynamics of Sorbents in the Regenerator of a Carbon-Capture Unit
    A. Sarkar, W. Pan, D. Suh and X. Sun (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Implementation of the P1 Radiation Model in MFIX
    M.F. Modest (University of California, Merced)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Simulation of Coal Particles in a Full Chemical Looping Combustion System
    James Parker (CPFD Software, LLC)
    Presentation [PDF]

Session Chair: Sofiane Benyahia

  • MP-PIC Implementation in MFIX
    R. Garg (URS Corporation)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • High-Fidelity Single Particle Property Measurements: Building Blocks for Particle Flow Modeling Validation
    F. Higgs (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Simulation of Fine Material Elutriation of Binary Mixture Dense Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
    A. Konan and David Huckaby (ORISE, DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Fluidization Testing on CFB Dynamicas ans Segregation, Elutriationm and Hysteresis Behavior of Polydisperse Particles
    L. Shadle, R. Panday, J. Mei, J. Weber and J. Tucker (DOE-NETL, REM Engineering)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Liquid and Particle Dynamics in Fluidized Beds
    R. Cocco, R. Hays, R. Karri and J. McMillan (PSRI, Syncrude Canada)
    Presentation [PDF]

Session Chair: Jordan Musser

  • The Effect of Neighboring Particles on the Dynamics of a Particle in a Viscous Fluid
    Z. Feng and G.M. Samuel (University of Texas, San Antonio)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) Applied to Bibbling Fluid BedsJ. Weber and J. Mei (DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • CFD Simulation of Entrained-Flow Gasification with Improved Physical and Chemical Sub-Models
    J. Ma (URS Corporation)
    Presentation [PDF]

Thursday May 24, 2012

Session Chair: Janine Carney

  • Refractive Index Matched Scanning of Dense Granular Materials
    W. Losert (University of Maryland)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • High Speed Imaging of Flow Phenomena in CFB Risers
    F. Shaffer and B. Gopalan (DOE-NETL, ORISE)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Effect of Model Parameters if Soft-Sphere Collision Scheme to the Particles-Particle Collision in a Viscous Fluid
    Z. Feng, S.G. Musong and E.E. Michaelides (Texas Christian University)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • DNS of Suspensions of Rigid Particles with Feedback
    J. McLaughlin, N. Hojjat, G. Ahmadi, J. Derken and X. Jia (Clarkson University)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Reacting Flow Modeling with C3M
    K. Chaudhari (West Virginia University)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Mass Transfer Effects in a Gasification Riser
    R. Breault, T. Li and P. Nicoletti (DOE-NETL, URS Corporation)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • 2D Version 3D CFD Simulations of Circulating Fluidized Bed Risers
    T. Li, S. Pannala and M. Shahnam (URS Corportation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Statistical Approaches in Chemistry Sub-Models
    D.S. Mebane and K.S. Bhat (ORISE and Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    Presentation [PDF]
  • Coal and Biomass Blends Pyrolysis in Inert and Oxidized Gaseous Environments
    P. Wang, S. Hedges and C. Guenther (DOE-NETL)
    Presentation [PDF]

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