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2011 Workshop on Multiphase Flow Science

2011 Conference Proceedings

NETL 2011 Workshop on Multiphase Flow Science
August 16-18, 2011

Table of Contents


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

  • Welcome and Introduction
    Robert Romanosky
  • Overview of Multiphase Flow Science Needs at DOE
    Madhava Syamlal
    Presentation [PDF-MB]


  • Key Note Address:
    Effect of Stokes Number on Turbulent Fluid-Solid Flows
    Jenifer Curtis Sinclair (University of Florida)
    Presentation [PDF-1.85MB]
  • Application of a Dense Granular Rheology Model to Chute Flow Calculations
    Sankaran Sundaresan (Princeton University)
    Presentation [PDF-7.75MB]
  • Multiphase Flow Physics from Direct Simulation for Model Development
    Shankar Subramaniam (Iowa State University)
    Presentation [PDF-3.66MB]
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of Dense Gas-Solid Flows Including Particle Collisions
    Goodarz >Ahmadi (Clarkson)
    Presentation [PDF-5.54MB]
  • Multi-fluid Implementation in OpenFOAM
    Alberto Passalacqua (Iowa State University)
    Presentation [PDF-918KB]
  • Progress Toward Inclusion of Collision Effects in MP-PIC
    P. O’Rouke & D. Snider(CPFD)
    Presentation [PDF-1.54MB]
  • Polydispersity Model Development & Validation: Report of Findings
    Christina Hrenya, University of Colorado
    Presentation [PDF-963KB]
  • Fine-Grid Simulations of Gas-Solids Flow in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
    Sofiane Benyahia (U.S. Department of Energy)
    Presentation [PDF-1.80MB]
  • MFIX-DEM Parallelization
    Pradeep Gopalakrishnan (Virginia Tech)
    Presentation [PDF-1.02MB]
  • MP-pic Development
    Rahul Garg (U.S. Department of Energy)
    Presentation [PDF-2.02MB]


  • A Description of a UQ-Predictive Validation Framework for Combustion Applications
    Phil Smith (University of Utah)
    Presentation [PDF-6.25MB]
  • Applying Uncertainty Quantification to Multiphase CFDs
    Charles Tong (LLNL) and Aytekin Gel (Alpemi)
    Presentation [PDF-4.01MB]
  • Critical Issues with Quantification of Discretization Uncertainty in CFD
    Ismail Celik (West Virginia University)
    Presentation [PDF-4.74MB]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

  • Key Note Address:
    Nonmechanical Control of Solids Flow in Chemical Looping Systems
    Ted Knowlton (PSRI)
    Presentation [PDF-378KB]


  • High Speed Imaging Observations of Flow Phenomena in CFB Risers
    Franklin Shaffer, Balaji Gopalan   (U.S. Department of Energy) S.B. Reddy Karri and  R. Cocco (PSRI)
    Presentation [PDF-3.23MB]
  • Characterizing Cluster Behaviour Using Instantaneous Particle Concentration Signals from Multiple Optical Fiber Probes
    Jesse Zhu (University of Western Ontario)
    Presentation [PDF-1.35MB]
  • Mass Transport, Momentum Transport, & Fluidization in a 2D Bubbling Fluidized Bed
    Deepak Rangarajan (University of Florida)
    Presentation [PDF-1.46MB]
  • Experimental and Modeling Study of a Cold-Flow Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) Stripper
    Todd Pugsley (The University of Saskatchewan)
    Presentation [PDF-MB]
  • What is Happening In Your Fluidized Bed System?
    S.B. Reddy Karri, R. Cocco, A. Issangya, R. Hays and T. M. Knowlton(PSRI)
    Presentation [PDF-MB]
  • Model Validation Challenges: Next Steps
    Larry Shadle (U.S. Department of Energy)
    Presentation [PDF-2.40MB]
  • Higher Order Analysis of High Speed PIV Data in CFB Risers
    Balaji Gopalan and Frank Shaffe (U.S. Department of Energy)
    Presentation [PDF-1.87MB]
  • Comparison of Three Numerical Approaches for Modeling Poly-Disperse Dense Particulate Flows
    Shailesh Ozarkar, Jay Sanyal, Feng Liu and Mohan Srinivasa (ANSYS)
    Presentation [PDF-1.29MB]


  • CFD Modeling of Multiscale Air- and Oxy-Combustion Experiments
    Kevin Davis, Andrew Fry, Brad Adams, Hong Shig-Shim, Jeff Bean (Reaction Engineering International),Chris Shaddix, Manfred Geier (Sandia National Laboratory) and Bill Cox (Corrosion Management Ltd.)
    Presentation [PDF-1.56MB]
  • Transported PDF methods for Simulations of Oxy-Coal Combustion
    Dan Haworth (Pennsylvania State University)
    Presentation [PDF-1.81MB]


  • Co-pyrolysis of Coal and Biomass at Transport Gasifier Conditions
    Nathan Weiland (West Virginia University)
    Presentation [PDF-1.34MB]
  • Slaging Conditions Devolatilization and Char Reactions
    Sarma Pisupati (Pennsylvania State University)
    Presentation [PDF-1.10MB]
  • Optically Accessible Entrained Flow Steam Gasifier
    Jay Gore (Purdue)
    Presentation [PDF-5.04MB]
  • UoU – Gasification Data
    Kevin Witty (University of Utah)
    Presentation [PDF-1.59MB]
  • Overview of GE Gasification Work
    Shaoping Shi (GE Energy)
    Presentation [PDF-1.24MB]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

  • Applications of Multiphase Flow in DOE’s Energy Portfolio
    George Richards, U.S. Department of Energy
    Presentation [PDF-2.90MB]
  • Key Note Address:
    Chemical Looping Technology – Reaction, Reactor and Solids Flow Issues
    LS Fan (Ohio State University)
    Presentation [PDF-3.26MB]


  • Chemical Looping Combustion: Reactor Experiments, Modeling and Simulation
    David Huckaby,Arthur Konan, Carsten Olm, Justin Weber, Arne Scholtissek,
    Yong Liu, Tom O’Brien and Doug Straub (U.S. Department of Energy)

    Presentation [PDF-2.38MB]
  • CuO as a Chemical Looping Carrier
    Kevin Witty (University of Utah)
    Presentation [PDF-762KB]
  • Chemical Looping
    Fede Pascal and Olivier Simonin (>Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulous)
    Presentation [PDF-2.14MB]
  • CO2 Adsorption and Chemical Looping Kinetics
    Esmail Monazam, REM Engineering Services
    Presentation [PDF-1.91MB]


  • Development of Circulating Fluidized Bed for Flue Gas Carbon Capture using Solid Sorbent
    James Spenik (REM Engineering Services)
    Presentation [PDF-995KB]
  • Full-loop Particle-Fluid Simulation of Carbon Capture Unit with Thermal and Chemistry
    Sam Clark (CPFD Software)
    Presentation [PDF-1.13MB]
  • Solid Sorbent Modeling for the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative
    D. Mebane (U.S. Department of Energy)
    Presentation [PDF-869KB]
  • CFD Simulations of Carbon Dioxide Capture in the riser of a Circulating Fluidized Bed System
    H. Arastoopour, E. Abbasi, J. Abbasian and S. Zarghami (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    Presentation [PDF-1.16MB]
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous CO2 Sorbent particles
    Danesh Tafti (Virginia Tech)
    Presentation [PDF-2.75MB]

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