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2013 Multiphase Flow Science Workshop

2013 NETL Workshop on Multiphase Flow Science

Tuesday,  August  6, 2013 – Governors Ballroom,  Lakeview Resort

Registration (Grand Ballroom Foyer)

  • Welcome and Introduction (Governors Ballroom)
    William Rogers, Leader - Multiphase Flow Team U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • NETL Multiphase Flow Research Overview
    Madhava Syamlal, Focus Area Leader – Computational and Basic Science Focus Area U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Session Chair – Rahul Garg

Reconvene and Afternoon Introduction (Governors Ballroom)

Session Chair – Tingwen Li

Wednesday,  August  7, 2013 – Governors Ballroom,  Lakeview Resort

Reconvene and Introduction (Governors Ballroom)

Session Chair – Balaji Gopalan

Lunch (Reflections Ballroom) and Posters (Reflections Library)

Session Chair – Bill Rogers

Reconvene and Afternoon Introduction (Governors Ballroom)

Posters (Reflections Library)

  • Competing Bottlenecks in DEM-CFD Parallel Simulations of Bubbling Beds
    Peiyuan Liu and Christine M. Hrenya, University of Colorado
  • An Experimental Study Using High Speed Imaging of Clustered Particles for a More Accurate Drag Law in MFIX
    Ahmad Abbasi Baharanchi, Seckin Gokaltun, Norman Munroe, George Dulikravich, Florida International University
  • A Model for Two-Dimensional CFD Simulation of Pseudo-2D Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds
    Tingwen Li1, Yongmin Zhang2, Mehrdad Shahnam1, Chris Guenther1, 1NETL, 2China University of Petroleum
  • 2013 NETL Small Scale Challenge Problem
    Balaji Gopalan, NETL

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